The project will run from January 2019 to December 2021.
To make the challenges of the project tangible and workable, the project has been broken down in work packages with the following structure.
Global Concept
Overall concept of the work to be undertaken within the project.

Lead: KIT
Model Representation und Tooling
Development of description models of different granularity and for various users.

Lead: BIBA
Network Builder Service
Development of an automated capacity control system for production resources.

Lead: FZI
Network Integrator Service
Adapter based integration of suppliers.

Lead: FZI
Assembly Assistant
Development of the assistance system based on Augmented Reality .

Lead: KIT
Integrated Platform
Development and deployment of an integrated platform.

Lead: Trumpf
Business model and data sovereignty
Development of a business model for a dynamic production platform.

Lead: KIT
Iterative Pilot Testing
Planning, implementation and evaluation of the pilots.

Lead: Bosch
Diffusion of Results
Ensure the continuity and wider use of project results.

Lead: Bosch
In addition, the project is considered in three use cases, which cover the complete process on the platform.
graphical Description of the platform